Sunday, October 4, 2015

Charleston Place

We had such a blast in Charleston, SC for our two year anniversary. I seriously cannot wait to go back! It is such a little gem! I love how everything is so unique and beautiful. It has definitely won my heart of being my top favorite places in the U.S.

I have traveled most of my life....seems like I have always lived out of a suitcase going from one place to another, but I just love it. I have this love to just go and see and I am so thankful that I am getting to experience new places with my best friend.

If you ever get to travel to the sweet Charleston, South Carolina you MUST stay at Charleston Place Hotel .....I'm sure you saw some of my pictures I posted on Instagram and how beautiful everything was. Pictures do not do it justice though. We did not want to leave! If you want to go somewhere where you can feel like a King and Queen and simply relax....this is the place you want to go! Blake and I did not use our car at all once we got there. That is one of the many things I loved about Charleston Place....we were within walking distance of everything! It was so nice to just go back to the hotel when we felt like it, but when we wanted to go out all we had to do was walk a few minutes and we were there. 

We were totally blown away when we pulled in and even though the outside was absolutely gorgeous...we couldn't wait to see the inside....the first thing I saw was this huge, stunning chandelier! I couldn't stop staring at it! The lobby won us over...we knew our room had to be lovely.

Our corner suite had a beautiful view of one of the main streets in downtown Charleston.

The yellow building was the farmer's market. I always love to check out farmer's markets....always such unique things you can find. 

This raspberry Crème brûlée was so delicious at the bar in the hotel.

Inside the hotel they have a Cafe, a Grille, & an upscale Bar.....It's so nice because if you wanted to stay put you never had to leave the hotel! They also have a beautiful Luxury Spa that I was dying to visit, but I did not make an appointment on time. Due to it being a holiday weekend they were all booked up. Next time I visit I will be booking an appointment in advance. I can only imagine how wonderful it must feel to go get a massage & then go back to your room and relax. THE LIFE, right? 

One of our favorite things to do while we are on vacation & I'm sure this is everyone's favorite....EATING! hehehe. No, but really we love to find unique places to try & recommend to all of our family and friends! Blake and I are big researchers so we like to kind of search around before we start our trip. There were a few places we knew we wanted to try and also a couple we found exploring ;)

We love Another Broken Egg Caffe...we had one when we lived in Pensacola, FL & we miss it dearly! We have found that with moving around it is hard to find a classy breakfast place, but Another Broken Egg totally wins in the classy department & most importantly they win in the food department :P I got shrimp and grits and it was amazing! I usually just get breakfast when I come, but I was wanting to try something different. It was kind of spicy...they use Tabasco sauce in the if you don't like spicy...I would try something else, but I grew up with a cajun family so it was nothing to me ;) Blake got a waffle sandwich and he loved it! & ummm we forgot to take a picture of our beignets because we ate them so fast lol....but you MUST get them if you go. They taste so much like New Orleans beignets...maybe even better. We also had the SWEETEST waitress....if you are in the area...ask for Chris...she was precious and made the whole experience 100 times better! Don't you just love sweet people?! I just wanted to hug her!

A few of my friends recommended Kaminsky's Desserts & Bar & I am sooo glad we went. This was by far the best dessert we had the whole trip. We got the dreamcicle martini & a cookie sundae....they both couldn't have been better. The cookie was baked perfectly & wasn't like just a normal chocolate chip could tell they take time on their recipes....we were so full after we left because it was so huge! The dreamcicle had ice cream in it & also SUGAR around the yes please! 

If you are in the mood for cookies....King Street Cookies is your place! It was the cutest little cookie store. & anything that has Dorothy on it already wins me over. I created my own cookie and got icing put in the middle. They also have smoothies, shakes, and ice cream! 

One night we weren't very hungry....and we usually always want sushi, but we only get it if we aren't really hungry because it never fills Blake up lol...So we stopped at this cute little place & it was the best sushi EVER! It had a sweet, relaxed atmosphere...we stayed a while and just talked...mainly all about our first date because there was a couple there that you could tell were on their first date. It was the cutest thing Blake and I kind of listened in...shhhhh. It's so sweet to watch two people fall in love. We both voted that they would get married one day.

Jim 'N Nick's BBQ pulled us in because my Dad loves to cook bbq and his name is Nick I had to try it out for his sake ;) It was a neat place...very rustic & I loved how all the guys wore plaid with suspenders & they all had beards. The feel of the place was very nice & the food was even better! I got a BLT with smoked chicken & Blake got riblets with their homemade house chips that he really liked. Our favorite thing was def the cheese biscuits. If you ever get to go you have to order a won't regret it!

The next place we tried was Eli's was very elegant and classy. It was kind of cramped, but I think that was just because of it being memorial day when we went. The staff was awesome & the food was amazing. I got shrimp and grits again and it was sooo good....different from Another Broken Egg Cafe, but just as good. They tasted more like original shrimp and grits if you have ever tried them. Blake got sweet tea fried chicken and biscuits and he still hasn't stopped talking about them. They actually boil sweet tea to make the gravy. I think I am going to try it at home one of these days...though I know it won't be nearly as good as theirs.

Sad faces on the day we had to leave! Where is your favorite place to go for a getaway? 

Have a great week loves!



  1. Just wanted to let you know how much i love following you on Instagram and reading your blog! I saw today that someone was saying some hurtful things on such a sweet post of yours and it just baffles me. You are seriously a highlight to my day when i see your posts pop up, they are always so uplifting even if they're about tough topics. You shine so bright, truly never forget that! You and your husband are a great example to so many. I hope you know and believe that. Side note: I have a 6 year old daughter who loves playing with makeup and doing different things with her hair so i love seeing all your beautiful hair styles and your makeup. I will have to try and replicate some of them! I remember reading how you said in high school you would do your hair in big up-do's even if it was just for school and even if people might think it was strange. I LOVE THAT. My daughter at just 5 decided she wanted a really short pixie cut, i told her it was absolutely fine with me but i wanted her to know that someones people can be mean if you're a little different and that she might get a rude comment or two(sad that i even have to tell her that). She said she didn't care and we cut it all off! She looked adorable of course. I seriously thought of you at the time and how you would do your hair just the way you wanted. I hope my daughter always has that confidence in who God made her :-). You're a wonderful role model!

    1. Hey Ashley!

      Thank you so much for your kind words! Those people do not get to me. They really are pathetic that they waste so much time on me!

      I absolutely love that about your daughter! YAY for her! I am smiling so big right now. I love that she is being herself....there are bullies, but loving yourself for you is what makes you stronger. Thank you for sharing & for all the love. xo

  2. Do you truly believe that women can only date one man in their entire lives? I hope you never have daughters. Like your mom, you will do nothing but control their lives so they will have no normal experiences. You don't have to marry the first guy you date, you don't have to date only one person at a time, you don't have to get married to have sex.

    1. LOL I actually don't believe that. Both me & Blake dated before each other. Just because we waited to have sex....does not mean that we are the kind of people that judge others for doing so. Most of all of our friends did....That is just something we wanted to do.....our parents never made us. We had plenty of time to do so during the time we were dating....we just decided from the beginning we wanted to wait. I find it so funny that you think you know everything about me & my family....& also what I believe in. My mom has never controlled my parents actually let me make tons of have no idea about my story. Blake & I met at 16 and fell in love & wanted to get married.....I really don't get you & why you are so obsessed. & as far as your other little comment....Blake & I are a team...I don't bow down to him lol.....he is not my God, he doesn't tell me what to do...I do whatever I want in this life....we just support each other. As far as dating only one person at a time....yeah go ahead and do that & see how that works for you. I have a BEAUTIFUL marriage filled with so much fun that I would never trade it for a life of sleeping around. & if you think we got married just to have sex....LOL you are so ignorant. Please get a life & stop waisting your time on mine.