Monday, October 5, 2015

it's time for a change

I am so excited about remodeling my living room that I wanted to share with you guys a few ideas that I have running through my head!

I absolutely love this teal velvet couch. It is elegant but also very inviting looking. I really want something classy, yet not too formal where everyone is scared to sit down if you know what I mean ;)

I also love this hanging chair that I would have hanging in my corner near a window. Ahhhh I can just picture it now! There are a few things that I am undecided on, but this is not one of them! All the heart eyes for beauty!

I am obsessed with lace & I recently came across these curtains from Anthropologie & fell in love! I have cream with orange lace upstairs in our guest bedroom & after thinking about it I think these would go perfectly in this space too. 

I would throw in this ivory pillow from loloirugs along with this this horse pillow in the hanging chair. 

I love love love this shade of pink! I am for sure going to consider this throw for the hanging chair. 

I think I want a cowhide rug, but not 100% sure yet...and I have come to realize that they are really hard to find! At least the look I want. All the ones I have liked...the reviews were horrible & I haven't been able to find one where I we shall see!

I really want to find a chair like this for my computer desk that we have in the living room. I love being able to work on my computer, but still be close by Blake & I don't think I'll be moving my desk :P I have an antique blue desk that I will probably be painting white to match my new decor. 

I absolutely love this look of the candles in the fireplace before it get's really cold. I have been dying to light up our fireplace, but living in the doesn't normally start getting super cold until December....booooo! So candles will add that spark ;)

I absolutely love the color of this chair. I think it would blend in perfectly! What do you think?

I already have a stool like this that will fit right in with everything.

I would love to string two chandeliers like this if I find two that I really love! I may save the idea for my dining room though ;)

Let me know what you think or if you have any ideas or see anything that may work in spaces. I will be starting on it this week...eeekk! & then I'll be starting remodeling my dining room once my living room is finished. Blake is such a trooper with all my ideas & always wanting to change things up. He always tells me that I am the heart of the home & that he wants me to express who I am in every way that I can...& that home wouldn't be home without seeing "me" every where he turned. I married the sweetest man! .....& as I write this he is cooking me supper :P 

Hope you enjoyed all my ideas! Can't wait to show you it all put together. 


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