Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Maskcara Cosmetics

There is just something about makeup that most all women love....I remember the first time I put on makeup as a young girl...I was sitting at my vanity that my MawMaw had just given me to do my hair & makeup on....(& that's where I still put on my makeup to this day).... I remember feeling so fresh, so pretty, so feminine. I knew that makeup would never define me, but right then and there I fell in love with how it enhanced my natural skin & how it made me feel like a "woman." Just ask my mom....growing up with two older sisters...I could NOT WAIT to wear makeup...& I may or may not have snuck some of my sisters' makeup from time to time ;)

When choosing makeup it can be so hard to figure out what kinds to get, what shade, what brands, & the list goes on. It can get overwhelming! & half the time you don't even like what you are using. Or maybe you are working full time & in college, a mom taking care of sweet littles, or maybe you just don't like taking the time to do it. Because let's face it....we all are busy, but we all want to look where do we start & what should we get? 

I recently found maskcaracosmetics & let me tell you.....I'm obsessed!!! It is so simple, yet gives such a flawless finish. It can completely enhance that natural beauty of yours in minutes!

I love what Cara, the creator of Maskcara, says, 
"I believe that most women are twice as pretty as they give themselves credit for inside and out. I'm on a mission to change that."

It comes in a palette where you can replace them whenever you run out. I love the size of it because all you have to do is throw it in your purse and you are good to go! Not to mention it is only $42 & you have everything you need. 

When you get yours in the mail it will come with a little guide on how to apply it & they also have an amazing video on how-to-hac that makes it really easy to understand & apply yourself.

It comes with contour, highlighter, blush, & an illuminator...all in one. You can find the brushes & beauty blender here.

Here is my BEFORE and AFTER picture when using maskcaracosmetics. Thank ya Jesus for makeup! ;)

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