Thursday, November 5, 2015


For as long as I can remember my birthday was my favorite day of the year. Yeah, I know....selfish much? But you just don't understand....I really love presents. Like I am still a kid about opening presents. I get so excited....I don't even care what it is....I just like opening presents.

I remember my first Christmas of being a "big kid" my mom put the Santa presents under the tree with all the other presents......I was so upset because I could see them....I also really love surprises. I was so disappointed that I could see my Santa gifts. I know, I know....I know how I sound, but hey I've accepted who I am and my love for presents.
Not only do I love to get presents.....I love to GIVE presents even more! I can barely wait to give people their birthday presents & at Christmas time I'm on pins and needles watching everyone open up their gifts from me. I guess you can say giving is one of my love languages.

Well since I love presents so darn much & since I love YOU so much...Starting TOMORROW I will have a new giveaway posted on my instagram every single day for the WHOLE ENTIRE MONTH OF NOVEMBER! Eeekkkkkkk!

I'm gonna party all month long because it's my birthday and I can do what I want to.....& since I love surprises so much I am not giving you any hints of all the amazing shops and companies that are'll just have to follow along each day to see ;) but just know.....these shops are AMAZING. I'm tickled pink that some of my absolute favorite shops and companies are participating and that YOU are gonna be blessed by them! They are each so unique and so beautiful & they are giving some pretty incredible gifts to you.

I'm not only celebrating for presents and all the fun that comes along with birthdays....I'm also celebrating how far I have come since last year. This picture was taken last year for my 21st birthday. I was going for a glam feel....after looking at this picture I remember feeling so disgusted with how I looked. The puffy face, the puffy under eyes, uneven browns, & the list goes on. I wanted to have those perfect shots that we see so often on social media of beautiful women. This time last year....I saw myself as not good enough. 

There are many words that I can use to describe my 21st year of life, but if I had to choose one that described this past would be "endure." I look back and laugh at how incredibly hard it was! But through this past year I have grown more compassionate towards people...I've realized that I am enough despite what others say...I know who I am in Christ....and even on my worst of days I am surrounded by people that love me for me....not who I want to be. 

So this I embark on the new journey of "feeling 22" my new word is going to be "embrace." Last year I only endured it....I was just fighting to get by....hoping to see the light at the end of the tunnel. This year I want to embrace where I've been & where I am now. I am not perfect & I fail often...but I'm me. No one else has my story and no one else has yours.

So cheers to embracing my big hair, round face, & my obsession with presents. Whoooo hoooo!


These pictures were taken by aprilandpaul. They are a husband and wife team that are AMAZING! They actually took my bridals, engagement, & wedding photos. They are based out of Hattiesburg, MS, but they also travel. They are a couple of my favorite people everrrrr.

Don't forget to enter the giveaways. Each giveaway will be posted on my instagram every day this month.  IT'S GOING TO BE SO MUCH FUN! I seriously cannot wait.