Friday, September 26, 2014

Red Velvet Lips

Because today is FRIDAY & it is starting to feel like fall...and since I really really really love this lipstick, I am giving away a FREE tube of my favorite red lipstick to the first 5 people who become a preferred customer for Nerium AD day & night cream + firm lotion or become a Brand Partner under me. You can read about this favorite beauty secret of mine here Enhancing Your Natural Beauty. This red lipstick comes from Sephora...I have searched years and years for the perfect red lipstick that stays on ALL DAY and let me tell you....this stuff is beautiful. Your lips will look like a red velvet carpet! This is the same lipstick that I wore on my wedding day and many more occasions since then. It has lasted over a year because you only have to apply it once and you'll be gorgeous all day!


Every time I put this lipstick on I feel like I am on the set with Marilyn or Audrey. It will bring out your glamorous side & I say LET IT! As you can see....with these lips you aren't camera shy...or maybe that's just me ;)


One coat will last you all day!

You can even kiss as many times as you want ;)