Saturday, November 14, 2015

Lily Jade Giveaway

Well it has been an amazing Birthday filled with lots of love. I have had the most amazing day ever & I can't wait to share with you guys all the fun I had....but for now I am going to end my Birthday  with an AMAZING giveaway. Like are going to flip when I tell you.....especially all you Mommas out there, but really everyone because lily-jade diaper bags are so classy it doesn't even look like you are wearing a diaper bag! I plan on wearing mine as a purse until my day comes lol.

So yeah......lily-jade is giving you a chance to win a bag of YOUR CHOICE! How amazing is that?! You are going to die when you see these fabulous bags.

I love Meggan's story of how Lily Jade came about...

Welcome to Lily Jade. And for the new mommies, welcome to motherhood! In 2005 when I first found out that I was expecting my oldest daughter, Caroline, I immediately began searching for the very best products for my baby… and for me! Particularly a new bag. I’ve always loved handbags. They’ve been a favorite accessory, a statement piece.
Naturally, I knew motherhood would require a bag that fit my new role PERFECTLY. What began as an exciting hunt for the perfect diaper bag, quickly turned into wading through a sea of quilted cotton, busy prints, and noisy, crinkly, wipe-able fabrics. And, the pockets on these bags were either too big or too little and they all just made the bag scream diaper bag.
As a mommy, once the baby years were over I was left with a plethora of bags. Most of them never to be used again. The memories wrapped inside these bags make it hard to get rid of them. So from the start it was important to me that we create a designer baby bag line that would GROW with us in our journey of motherhood.
When I say we, I mean my husband Landon and myself. Landon’s business building experience coupled with my idea for the perfect designer diaper bag began the exciting birth of Lily Jade. 
One of my favorite things about Lily Jade bags is that they each have a removable inner bag. I refer to this bag as the "Baby Bag". This "Baby Bag" is machine washable (gentle cycle) and contains pockets for both baby’s and mommy’s needs. The "Baby Bag" is designed to quickly snap out and be easily transferred to your pool, gym, travel bag, office bag, or another one of your totes. Also, making sure daddy or your child’s care provider quickly gets all of baby’s essentials organized in one place is elegantly simple. 
Finally, when the baby bag is removed, your beautiful Lily Jade tote contains every feature needed for a handbag. Our aim is that you enjoy a functional organizer for motherhood that serves as a favorite accessory, a real statement piece on your journey as a dashing mommy.
Many blessings on your incredible journey!

Megan Wood

Here are a few of my favorites.....

& check out the inside on these bad mommas.....No need to wonder where things are at anymore. lily-jade gives you so much organization & pocket space to where you are able to fit everything you need. You can also buy these separately if you wanted. 

& it also comes with a changing pad! 

I am so excited that one of you is going to be able to pick out your own diaper bag that will last FOREVER!

How to enter:
1. Like my giveaway photo on my instagram

2. Follow me on instagram

3. Follow lilyjadeco on instagram

4. Tag 3 friends
Winner will be announced in 3 days on my giveaway picture on my instagram. So excited to see who is going to be blessed BIG TIME with this incredible gift! 

Now off to stuff my face with cake and anything I feel like doing because it be my birthday.

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