Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Fancy Free Giveaway

Happy Tuesday beautiful! Today's giveaway makes me so happy.....ShopFancyFree is a mom & her three daughters. They remind me so much of my mom & two older sisters. Especially with my mom & sisters having dark hair & there is one blonde ;) I love their passion for fashion & how they work together in making their dreams happen. I would absolutely love to be able to live close to my sisters & mom & work together.....so it makes me so happy to see other families so close & being able to do that. Not to mention their amazing taste in clothes! I can't wait to show you my favorites....

I absolutely love this "fall in love" dress....It is so perfect for fall....I wore it on my birthday & it was so comfy, but I felt so pretty in it! 

The details are absolutely beautiful on this dress....even prettier in person. 

A few of my other favorites in their shop right now....

I love ShopFancyFree & all their beautiful clothes & I am so excited to tell you that they are wanting to bless you with having a chance to win a $50 gift card to go shopping! Just think....you could pick out the cutest Thanksgiving outfit!

How to enter:

1. Like my giveaway photo on my instagram

2. Follow me on instagram

3. Follow FancyFreeShop on instagram

4. Tag 3 friends

Winner will be announced on giveaway photo on instagram in 3 days. Thanks so much for entering & for all the love! So excited to see who is going to get to go shopping ;)


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