Friday, March 13, 2015

Gimme Some Sugar

It was a cold night in March...even in Mississippi....we were outside leaning against his red truck (I miss that truck)...the stars were out & they were so bright & beautiful. Blake wrapped his big arms around me & pulled me close & gently kissed my cheek ....& then he pointed way up to the stars & told me that I was like those stars....all so bright & beautiful....& how every night there are new stars to be found....& how every time you look at a star you find more beauty....& then he told me that he wanted to spend the rest of his life waking up & finding more beauty in me...."because every day there is something beautiful & new about you...& every day I fall in love with that something new about you." My heart was racing & I couldn't believe what I was hearing! It was the most perfect moment...he gently put his hand on my cheek & pulled me in &....kissed me. It was the sweetest most tender kiss....the kind of kiss that you never want to end....the kind that you know is true....the kind you wanted to hold onto forever. Yesterday was the anniversary of when we shared that beautiful first kiss many years ago. It was the first of many sweet kisses. Blake told me yesterday with the biggest grin, "We have probably kissed like millions of times." LOL. It was so cute. It makes me all giddy & super happy that my man still loves kissing me.

When I received these beautiful vintage & personalized hand stamped silver spoons from jessicaNdesigns ...I about died! They are so sentimental to me already. They are going to be sitting out as a reminder to always give my man some sugar....& my b & l spoon reminds me of the time back in highschool when we were out in the woods where Blake carved our names in a tree & every time we go home...we go look to see if it's still there ;)

We still have so much to do in the house...boxes need to be unpacked, rooms need to be painted, & I really need to go get some groceries...but some days....all that "what we should do" doesn't matter....all that matters is enjoying the moment that we have...& today we woke up in the living room with the rain pouring down & decided to snuggle & drink hot cocoa...and just simply enjoy the simple moments of life. I really don't want today to end...Blake is off for 10 days & I have a feeling this is what the next 10 days are going to look like & I am completely okay with that. Heart eyes.

Somehow Blake got the Barbie mug ;)

Isn't this mug precious... My girl Aedriel handwrote this mug for me during a season of my life that was really hard to be where I was...this mug coming in the mail brought me to was the perfect reminder that I am right where I am suppose to be. You can find this mug at

Y'all go check out jessicaNdesigns....not only does Jessica look just like Zooey Deschanel from New Girl....& I mean who doesn't love Zooey?! Don't even get me started on New Girl....SCHMIDT!!!  Nick is delicate. Like a flower. Like a chubby, damaged flower who hates himself. Oh my gosh....can't you just hear him saying it? DYING.

Okay I just had to Jessica...I mean Jess ;) but look just like her...but even prettier...sshhhh...don't tell Zooey.

But seriously....go check out this shop. It's pretty much amazing...Mother's Day is coming up & not only does she have hand stamped spoons....she also has hand stamped jewelry & even keychains for those sweet Daddys out there.

Have a fabulous weekend you amazing beautiful YOU & don't forget to give yo man some sugar.



  1. I have an old Red truck I'm trying to find a new home for! 1987 Ford 150! I think you'd love it!

  2. Sweetest thing ever!! ❤️