Sunday, April 13, 2014

Feeling Gorgeous

Hi loves! 
  I am beyond excited about getting to start this new blog that focuses on hair & makeup. I can't wait to share with you all my stories of helping to make people feel beautiful for who they genuinely are. I am looking forward to getting to know you & meet new people along this journey of life through blogging <3

So... let me show you what happens when you call your momma & sister and say "let's do a photo shoot!" There is just something in all of us that loves to put on a cute outfit & get our hair & makeup done...and props to my hipster dad for his awesome photography skills. 

So we first took a before picture. Look at that natural beauty! 
I got all my beauty supplies ready! I am a firm believer that the makeup that you use makes a huge difference in your skin. You can find all these products at a Sephora near you, or they do have an online shop. My personal favorite makeup brands are Makeup Forever, Urban Decay, Nars, Too faced, & They're Real mascara. Even though every time I do go to Sephora I walk out with something new to try! It is like a different world in there. My husband took me shopping a couple of weekends ago & when we walked into Sephora his eyes got really big & he knew that it wasn't going to be a short visit ;)

Then, I went to work on the hair.....with my three favorite things: bobby pins, my teasing comb, & Kenra hairspray. You put those three together and it's like magic! 

After that first click, she was feeling it. She felt gorgeous & she was & that is exactly what I wanted. 
We then moved on to another hairstyle that she totally pulled off. It is actually two braids twisted around the design. I really loved this look on her. 

Hot momma! I pray every day that I get her genes. She is such a beauty! I really loved how her makeup turned out. She already has flawless skin, but using the Naked Weightless Ultra Definition Foundation by Urban Decay really gave her an even more flawless finish.
I then pulled her hair down after it had been up & that is one of the best ways to gain volume & give yourself that natural flowing look. 
Now this hairstyle was my favorite of the day. It's so much fun to change up your look. None of us are bound to any one certain look & that is why I LOVE photo shoots because you can be whoever you want to be just for that one picture. 
Of course it wouldn't have been as fun without Momma's loud giggles that make you laugh just by hearing her. 
Now we get to Lydia, one of my beautiful big sisters. She really didn't want to take these pictures, but I am so glad I made her because I mean look at those eyes. The key to making those eyes pop is giving a thick layer of eyeliner with the cat eye. 
We started off with a "Joan from Mad Men" look & she totally looks like she stepped right out of a 1960's magazine. Love her style.
I then pulled her down as well. Like I mentioned above, pulling your hair down from being up is such a great way to add volume to your hair. If there is ever an occasion where you have your hair up, sleep on it, and then pull it down the next day and you will have movie star hair ;)
Needless to say, we had lots of fun. There was lots of laughing, feeling gorgeous, & working the camera going on. We made memories & that is what life is about. 


  1. Love my gorgeous friends so much! I so enjoyed reading this, can't wait for more. ��

  2. I love your new blog! So excited for you pretty lady! What a gorgeous first post XO

  3. I love hair and makeup blogs! You should post the specific products used at the end of each post so that you don't get a million questions from everyone about what you used. :)

  4. Hello, I am so excited to see you started a website. I was wondering can you post how you do your make-up? I love the way you do it.

  5. I'm already in love with this blog! Maybe I'll come down to Mississippi to get my hair done by you one day :) You're so talented!

  6. Yay! Love everything about the site Lauren! Can't wait to read more! And also, please drive to NY & do my hair! :)

  7. Popped over here from your moms site! Loved this shoot =) I can't wait for more.

  8. Love your blog already! wish you lived closer I would have you do my hair and makeup for my wedding this summer! unless you want to make a trip out to the northwest! :)

  9. Fabulous! You are a talented lady. Plus I love your gorgeous mama as a model. ;)

  10. found your lovely little blog via your mamas blog! what fun!! can't wait to see more posts ;)