Sunday, November 8, 2015

JessicaNdesigns Giveaway

Today's giveaway is something that I have been wanting for a while. I have always liked it when I saw people adding rose gold to their wedding band.....& then I saw where jessicandesigns designed a collection of stacking rings & I knew I had to have them! They are simply stunning.

(1) Blank Tiny Rose Gold Stacking Ring
(1) Tiny Sterling Silver Beaded Band
(1) Tiny Sterling Silver Stacking Ring personalized with the two names of your choice separated by a + or a •.
(1) Blank Tiny 14K Gold Stacking Ring

And the best part is that Jessica is giving you a chance to win a stacking ring to add to your wedding band or just wear by itself!

How to enter:

1. Like the original photo

2. Follow me on instagram

4. Follow jessicaandesigns on her instagram

5. Tag three friends

Jessica also makes the cutest hand stamped can read a blog post about them & me Blake's first kiss here ;) They make the perfect gifts! Also have you ever watched the show New Girl? Blake and I have literally watched all the season thus far 5 or 6 times! We actually just started it over again & we laugh just as hard every time we watch it. Well I happen to think jessicandesigns looks just like Jessica Day! You'll just have to go look to see for yourself, but really....she does. They are both so beautiful. 

Thank you for entering! Don't forget to be on the lookout for the next twenty something days.....each day is a new giveaway....some days there will even be TWO ;)


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  1. These are beautiful Lauren! I would absolutely love them! And you are so sweet for doing these giveaways, such a big heart! ❤️��❤️��